Adams Tight Lies - Mens Tight Lies Titanium Fairways #3 Wood Mrc Bassara Eagle Right Senior


Adams Mens Tight Lies Titanium Golf Fairway Ghost Slot Technology Makes It Scary Good This is the Adams Tight Lies Titanium fairway and it's named appropriately because, well, it's all titanium, except for that steel pad on the sole. Adams engineers thought you could use a few extra yards from your fairway wood while making it really easy to hit. It has the horsepower of the XTD driver...yes, they said driver. Only that this is in a high-ball hitting, clean-contact making fairway wood. The Ghost Slot Technology is a cool way to keep the great benefits of crown slots, with the look of a more traditional fairway wood. The slot on top is still there and works amazingly. You said aesthetics matter when you address the ball and Adams listened. This golf club is all about power, beauty, and versatility - something you can use from a variety of lies. Adams Mens Tight Lies Titanium Fairways feature: Woods: #3 Wood a #5 Wood a Strong 3 Lofts: 13.5 a 15.0 a 18.0 Ghost Slot Technology delivers out of sight performance by hiding the crown slot but keeping the benefits of higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness Titanium clubhead with a 75-gram steel plate allows for the lowest center of gravity ever in an Adams fairway wood Refined barbell-shaped cut-thru slot design on the sole and crown allows for more face deflection and a spring-like effect for the ball to jump off the face at higher speeds Original tri-level sole design reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie Low-profile upside down design creates large impact area low in the face for more consistent contact and higher launch MRC Bassara Eagle Graphite shaft available in Regular a Senior a Stiff a X-Stiff Full Choice Adams standard grip Available in left- and right-hand Includes headcover Click Detail Views & Info under the image above for alternate views and more details Tight Lies Fairway Wood...Out Of Sight Performance

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