Bauer Goalie Pads - Bauer Prodigy 2.0 Goalie Leg Pads [youth]


The Bauer Prodigy 2.0 goal pads are perfect for young goalies just getting their start in the pipes. The pads feature a soft design which keeps them flexible for closing off the five-hole. The outer roll has one break in it to ensure the flexibility of this pad. The flat-faced design allows for predictable rebounds off the pads. The backside of the 2.0 utilizes a deep leg channel to keep the goalie's leg in place. To allow for better fit, Bauer has included the Adjustable Knee Lock system to give goalies the option to move the knee area up or down the leg channel. An adjustable thigh guard connected to the pads gives premium protection to young goalies. A velcro toe strap sytem makes it quick and easy for goalies to attach the pad to their skates. Bauer has given the Prodigy 2.0 an updated graphics package for 2015. * Soft, flexible construction * Adjustable Knee Lock * Adjustable thigh guard * Calf wrap velcro strapping * Velcro toe strap system