Bauer Goalie Pads - Bauer Reactor 7000 Goalie Leg Pads [senior]


Bauer continues its mid-priced pad line through the Reactor 7000 leg pads. This pad features a single break below the knee, which allows for good flexibility while keeping the upper part of the pad sturdy for puck impacts. Three flat knee rolls add to the flexible nature of the 7000 and give predictable rebounds off the knee. The squared off thigh rise gives an excellent seal to the ice as well as five-hole coverage. Bauer has also taken out the triangular outer roll, opting for a more traditional rectangular roll. The internal of the pad contains Bauer's Pro Core insert, which aids in flexibility and increases the longevity of the pads by preventing shrinkage over time. The backside of this pad features an adjustable knee lock system that attaches by velcro. This gives the goalie incredible customizability of the pad's fit to his or her leg. Soft nash runs the length of the leg channel and knee lock, providing great comfort to the leg. Bauer has included a calf lock strap to further secure the leg to the pad. A new Reactor detachable thigh guard connects to the pad via velcro, but can be worn separately from the pad. The top two nylon straps are adjustable, adding to the customizability of the pad's fit and feel. The Reactor 7000 comes with Bauer's new graphics package, adding a sharp look to the pad's heritage. * Pro Core insert * Calf lock strap * Adjustable knee lock * Detachable Reactor thigh guard