Best Hacky Sack - Dragonfly Footbags Black, Purple, And Green Whirl 6 Panel Metal Filled (hacky Sack)


Dragonfly Footbags is the premier brand of high quality, hand stitched footbags (hacky sacks) in the U.S. and abroad. We have been shipping Dragonfly Footbags from Elkhart, Indiana USA since 2003 to over 100 countries around the world and to every state in the US! Metal filling makes this footbag a whirl to control and stall. The Whirl was created with stalling and freestyling in mind. Extra soft fabric makes tricks a lot easier to control, while still allowing for expert maneuvering. A bright color scheme makes the Whirl easy to watch no matter where you go. The world might start to spin when you use this footbag, but you'll never lose track of the Whirl.

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