Best Hacky Sack - Dragonfly Footbags Lime Green And White Retro 8 Panel (hacky Sack)


Dragonfly Footbags is the premier brand of high quality, hand stitched footbags (hacky sacks) in the U.S. and abroad. We have been shipping Dragonfly Footbags from Elkhart, Indiana USA since 2003 to over 100 countries around the world and to every state in the US! Old is new again with the Retro line from Dragonfly Footbags. Featuring super tough synthetic leather, old-school plastic pellet filling and a flash-back Dragonfly logo from day gone by, these Retro Footbags are ready to impress! Just like the old leather footbags of yesteryear, these footbags are made of quality materials that will withstand heavy use. Whether you remember using a footbag like this from your youth or you're a young whippersnapper looking for your first crack at one, you might want to hurry and order one. This initial round of Retro Footbags is very limited and we don't know yet whether there will ever be more! Keep in mind that these footbags are new and need some good old fashioned breaking in! The more you play with them, the more relaxed they become. Try them, we know you'll love them...

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