Best Hacky Sack - Dragonfly Footbags Mini Midnight 32 Panel Metal Filled Proseries (hacky Sack)


Dragonfly Footbags is the premier brand of high quality, hand stitched footbags (hacky sacks) in the U.S. and abroad. We have been shipping Dragonfly Footbags from Elkhart, Indiana USA since 2003 to over 100 countries around the world and to every state in the US! The all popular Mini Midnight is now being made in Proseries for all you pros out there! It's a smaller footbag (look to the picture), made with facile fabric, is filled with metal beads, and has the classic 32 panels. It's great for tricks and those who can handle all the coolness! Warning: Proseries bags are made more for tricks and those who do a lot of freestyling tricks. The fabric is less durable than synthetic suede and will break easier when it hits the ground multiple times.

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