Brian Goalie Pads - Brians Gnetik Pro Ii Goalie Leg Pads [senior]


There are two great things about being The Custom Goal Company. First - when you earn that reputation, it means that you'll go over and above to meet your customers' custom pad needs (and Brian's certainly does that). Second, because they do so much custom work, they've got their finger on the pulse of what goalie's want and need in their next set of gear. Armed with this desire to serve and the knowledge of what goalies need to succeed, the designers at Brian's put these ideas - along with a few of great ideas of their own - into the Gnetik Pro II leg pad for 2014. You'll love what they've done with it. One of the first things that you notice about the pad is that it has no lacing visible on the pad face. The Gnetik Pro II is laced from the inside of the pad so the face maintains a crisp, clean look. You'll also notice that Brian's has removed the knee rolls on this pad, which in truth served no functional purpose besides adding additional pad weight. In their place, Brian's has added a modified knee roll graphic for those who appreciate this classic look. Brian's durable Primo synthetic material is used on the toe binding to protect the pad in this high wear area. The squared-off outer roll of the pad has breaks above and below the knee, and each break (including the boot break) features Brian's new HyperFlex 4 design - the softest break that Brian's has offered to date. In addition to a softer vertical flex than the original Gnetik, the Pro II also has better rotational flex as well. These features are great for goalies who want the pad to move with their leg no matter what direction it goes in. Of course, the entire pad is made with Brian's own lightweight E-Foam, and the Pro II pad is 10% lighter overall than the original version. The knee lock has been made wider, and the SBA material on the original Gnetik has been replaced with the more durable Primo material (which also aids in pad rotation as well). The double elastic knee lock strap can either

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