Brian Goalie Pads - Brians Sub Zero 6.0 Goalie Leg Pads [senior]


Brian's brings the insanely popular Sub Zero Pro II leg pads to the masses with the new 6.0 series for 2014/15. Though the pads are made internationally to bring costs down, 90% of the materials sourced for construction are equal to or the same as those found on the domestically made Sub Zero Pro II pads. And with Brian's unmatched one-year limited warranty, you can be confident that the construction quality and performance will meet the high standards that Brian's has set in these areas over the past several years. We've compared the Sub Zero Pro and the 6.0 leg pads side by side, and we could barely tell the difference. This flat faced pad has a more rigid V-Shape profile to help give better coverage and rebound predictability. The pad has a soft flex (3 Darts) at the break below the knee, and a harder flex (1 Dart) at the break above the knee. This flex structure gives the pad enough flex to bend in the butterfly, but not so much at the top of the pad so that it will fold in at the five hole at impact. The boot break uses Brian's Hyper-Flex 4 boot construction - Brian's softest break to date - which allows the goalie to deeply flex the pad at the ankle area for laterall movements, rebound control, etc. As always, Brian's uses some super-lightweight foams in the pad's construction for significant weight savings. The inside edge features Brian's Superslide Inside Panel, which is made up of HD foams and a redesigned inside seam stitch line. The two enhancements provide a stable platform when in the butterfly, complete pad seal to the ice, and a flat, slick sliding surface. Like all Sub Zero Pro 2 pads, the Sub Zero 6.0 comes standard with Brian's innovative Smart Strap - a Y-shaped elastic and velcro attachment system that eliminates the need for conventional leather leg pad straps. This tried and true system, together with a leather boot strap and a double elastic knee cradle strap, saves nea

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