Brians Goalie Pads - Brians G-netik 5.0 Goalie Leg Pads [intermediate]


Brian's brings the insanely popular G-NETiK pad to the masses with the new 5.0 leg pad for 2014. Though the pad is made overseas to bring costs down, 90% of the materials sourced for construction are equal to or the same as those found on the domestically made G-NETiK Pro leg pads. And with Brian's unmatched one-year limited warranty, you can be confident that the construction quality and performance will meet the high standards that Brian's has set in these areas over the past several years. We've compared the G-NETiK Pro and the 5.0 leg pad side by side, and we could barely tell the difference. Like the G-NETiK Pro, the 5.0 leg pad comes standard with flat knee rolls and a square, double-break outer roll. The thigh rise has been thinned out to save weight and to allow for easy movements around the net. The tops of the pads are squared off for a tight seal to the ice, and an 80 degree toe taper keeps the bottom of the pad more square while allowing enough clearance for your skate to keep in contact with the ice when pushing laterally from any position. The internal foam in the knee area is made of connected semicircular cut-outs which provide an incredible amount of flex in this area. Together with the softer breaks at the boot, as well as both above and below the knee, the G-NETiK 5.0 is made to flex with the goalie's leg. The Rip-Stop nylon knee cradle is wide to accommodate the larger knee guards that goalies are wearing these days, and it features a max-sized knee stack to keep the goalie sitting taller while in the butterfly. The size of the stack also helps to take pressure off of the goalie's hips and knees as well. The cushioned nylon leg channel is also on the wide size for easy pad rotation, and it features extended calf wings that completely wrap around the leg for unparalled protection. As with the G-NETiK Pro pad, the 5.0 is built to use either the Smart Strap system (which comes standard), or traditional leather leg straps which are sold separ