Cheap Disc Golf Discs - Infinite Starter Disc Golf Bag (green/black)


This simple, beginner friendly bag is the perfect entry bag for those really getting into disc golf. This bag is built to last for years of usage. Major things that we took into consideration with this bag are a higher quality zipper, and durable 1680 denier nylon; the highest grade nylon fabric which is used in manufacturing. Holds 8-10 discs, 1680 Denier Nylon (The most durable), High Quality Zippers, Pocket for Mini Disc Marker, Pencil Holder Slot, Drink holder with drawstring Embroidered, Infinite Discs logo Pocket for putters, Padded bottom with rigid plastic Single divider so discs stay better organized, and Shoulder strap with rubber shoulder pad With the quality of this disc bag, and the pricing which we are able to offer it at, this bag is an easy decision. Also, being the Infinite Discs brand, you don't have to feel awkward about housing both of your favorite brands inside this bag which has no particular manufacturer tied to it.

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