Custom Disc Golf Discs - Innova Disc Golf Driver Set - 6 Disc Bundle With Free Mini Marker Disc (dx - Disc Colors Vary)


This set includes a strategic selection of drivers ranging from 'easy-to-throw' to intermediate-level discs which require more finesse and control. Discs Included: The Dragon (Speed 8): A surprisingly amazing disc that floats in water. Ultralight, super grippy, and just plain fun to throw. Designed to give less powerful players greater distance with minimal effort. The Valkyrie (Speed 9): A solid, classic driver with light fade. It consistently holds a straight line in calm, stable conditions. As the disc wears, its flight path develops into a nice S-curve. The Beast (Speed 10): A controllable, wide-rimmed, power driver with lots of glide. As your skills increase, you will grow to love this disc. The Wraith (Speed 11): An amazingly fast, far-flying, wide-rimmed driver. Many players claim the Wraith as their first ÒrealÓ disc. When you are ready, the Wraith will be waiting for you. The Destroyer (Speed 12): In a word, FAST. The Destroyer is a super-fast, reliable distance driver and a superior choice for forehand drives. The Boss (Speed 13): The Boss currently holds the distance world record at 836 ft. It is a sharp, thick-rimmed, driver designed to be thrown hard, fast, and with good form. An ideal choice for both forehand and backhand drives that you will come to appreciate as your throw and power develop. Bonus Disc: Driven Mini Disc: Our mini disc is a high-quality, overstable, distance driver manufactured in the USA with medical grade plastic and available in a variety of colors and styles.

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