Electric Clothes Dryer - Dr Dry Electric Portable Clothing Dryer Rack Pro 1000w Heater


If you are stuck with loads of laundry without a dryer, this Dr. Dry Portable Dryer Rack is for you. Instead of hanging on clotheslines and checking every 5 minutes if it dropped, or covering every exposed inch of your house with delicate clothing that cannot go in the tumble dryer, you have a perfect solution: Dr. Dry's Portable Dryer Rack. The Portable Dryer Rack is The #1 Portable Dryer's bigger, badder brother. It has double the space, so you can dry more in the same amount of time. Dry clothes and efficiently from anywhere. It's easy to assemble and just plug in to operate. The Dr. Dry Portable Dryer Rack will dry your clothing and it will not damage, shrink, or crease any delicate clothing. It does not need any vents gas lines or special outlets, so you can just plug in your regular outlet and voila! you have a dryer. When disassembled it will not take up a lot of space. -------------------------------------------- VOLTAGE: 110V 60Hz -------------------------------------------- What You Get: 1x Heater 1x Waterproof Protection Plate 1x Heat Insulated Rack Cover 4x 18" Side Pole 8x 27" Pole 4x 27" Pole With Screw In Connector 4x Connector Nuts 1x Heater Support Rack 4x Dryer Rack Wheels User Manual 2-year limited warranty by DR DRY

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