Hacky Sack For Sale - Wham-o Hacky Sack Impact (colors May Vary)


The Hacky Sack Impact is specifically made for beginner hacky sack play as it is heavier for east foot management. The Hacky Sack is a great toy as well and not just for college kids; your kids will be addicted; it is a great toy for outdoor activity and improves foot and eye coordination. Plus, hacky sack can be played alone or with any amount of people so it also makes a great game for parties and events. The Hacky Sack Impact is perfect for all of the hacky sack tricks: stalls, bag daggers, lifts, loop, ham splits and milk tosses; so if looking for a foot bag—you’ve found a great one in the Impact. The Wham- Hacky Sack is the original, world famous and original hacky sack and the quality is outstanding; anyone can play hacky sack so get one for the whole family.

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