Left Handed Golfers - A99 Golf Swing Trainer Stick Warm Up Practice Club For Left Handed Golfer


Feature: The whole theory is to have the weight closer to the hands where. This trainer helps elongate your backswing , plus grooves. Your muscles benefit from more. This trainer is short enough. The end weight is solid steel and weighs approx. 2 lb. If you take short back and forth swings, no more than waist high-- it helps your chipping game too -Left handed golfer -Improves grip and swing path -Strengthens muscles needed for a solid swing. -Great for warm-up before practice or a round. -where you can practice your swing indoors without doing any damage to the room -Makes a nice travel aid- can be easily fit into luggage -Measures approx 27 inches from tip to tip. The end weight part is detachable, and it is about 24 inches without end weight part. Insurance: If you would like to spend insurance fee as following, any lost/broken during shipping will be covered. Otherwise the customer themsevles to take the risk of loss if product get damaged or lost during the delivery. Insurance fee to be paid to our paypal account. Please contact us to send the insurance payment, thanks! 1) for total cost is $20 or less, insurance fee is $2.00; 2) for total cost is between $21 to $50, insurance fee is $3.50; 3) for total cost is over $51, insurance fee is $4.00. Receiving SignaturePlease be advised all our parcels which have been sent out did not request a receiver signature (but can be traced online when they're on carrier's system), which means the parcels will be dropped off at your front door if nobody is at home. If you do need to receive the parcel in person and leave signature to the carrier, please pay extra $3.5 to us for the signature service charged by the shipping company.

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