Marvel Universe Action Figures - Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Action Figure 2pack Colossus Vs. Juggernaut

When you weigh almost 2,000 pounds and can't be stopped by any obstacle on Earth, the term "fair fight" doesn't normally apply...unless your opponent can lift 75 tons and comes encased in impenetrable organic armor. The unstoppable JUGGERNAUT! The unbreakable COLOSSUS! Look out! Get in on the fast-paced action and excitement as you stage epic battles between your COLOSSUS and JUGGERNAUT action figures! Re-create your favorite scenes from the included MARVEL comic book or create your own super-powered showdowns. With these mighty articulated action figures, there's just no stopping the action!


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Marvel Universe The West Coast Avengers Figure 3-pack 4 Inches

Determined to expand the influence of the Avengers, a small squad of Earth's mightiest heroes relocate to the California coast. Expecting to find the easy life waiting for them in the new climate, the fledgling team is instead beset by a nonstop string of misfortunes. Despite their struggles, the team continues to fight for what is right, confronting and defeating some of the most powerful criminals in the world. Your Avengers adventures are going to be 3 times more awesome with this The West Coast Avengers 3-pack. Your Hawkeye figure comes with a bow, arrow and quiver and his deadly shots will keep his enemies at bay. Your War Machine figure has shoulder-mounted rockets and your Mockingbird figure will show  ...


Marvel Universe Figures - Marvel Universe Series 1 Action Figure #024 Hand Ninja 3.75 Inch

Highly detailed and fully articulated, the Marvel Universe Hand Ninja Figure includes three weapons as pictured.


Marvel Universe Figures - Marvel Universe Marvels Hercules Action Figure (series 4) By Hasbro

Hercules is the Marvel interpretation of the actual mythological character. Persevering against a gauntlet of mythological trials, he slowly establishes himself as a mainstream superhero. The Avengers serve as his primary affinity. Hercules possesses comparatively immortality and Hulk-caliber physical strength. His powers generally outclass those of most garden variety super villains, however his arrogance has occasionally served him as a notable vulnerability, and he has been outnumbered or even overpowered from time to time.


Marvel Universe Figures - Marvel Universe Series 4 Action Figure #19 Incredible Hulk 3.75 Inch

HULK smashes. HULK crashes. HULK is an unstoppable mass of muscle and greenskinned fury. He bears little resemblance to his alter ego (the mildmannered Bruce Banner) save for the selfless scientists tattered pants. While HULK fights for good, his unpredictability and sheer strength make him a bigtime annoyance to the worlds governing bodies.Bring a truly musclebound hero into your crimefighting adventures with this incredible HULK figure! Hes detailed to look just like the mean, green, destructomachine, and hes ready to take on whatever you throw at him!Get a collectible comic shot along with your HULK figure. Hes one tough hero, so send him into battle after battle! Figure comes with collectible comic shot.  ...


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Marvel Universe Themed Figure Classic Avengers Pack

Brought together by the trickery of the evil god Loki and bonded by their mutual heroism, these mighty adventurers form the core of what will become the world's greatest team of Super Heroes. Separately, each is incredibly powerful, with advanced technology, ancient magic and endless strength on their side. together, they are the unstoppable Avengers. With this pack of hero figures, you'll have more than enough mighty powers to imagine every kind of battle. Pit them against individual enemies or a force of equal size. Only you can decide how that battle will come out. This pack includes Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp. This set has small parts that may pose a choking hazard to children under 3.Product  ...


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Inch Series 15 Action Figure Darkhawk

As a teenage boy, Chris Powell discovered an amulet that transferred his consciousness into the armored body of DARKHAWK. Granted enhanced strength, flight and powerful energy blasts, Chris devoted his new abilities to the fight against evil. Though he is not invulnerable, any damage he suffers as DARKHAWK is easily repaired in the transition back to his human form. Get ready for all-out action of the intense kind with your DARKHAWK figure! His awesome wings will make him nearly invincible in your battles. Will he prevail? Only you can decide! Get a new kind of hero with this incredible DARKHAWK figure! Set him on his stand or send him into battle! Figure comes with stand. Ages 4 and up.  ...


Marvel Universe Figures - Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Inch Series 14 Action Figure #12 Dr. Strange

The heroes and the villains of the Marvel Universe make the leap from the comic books to your action figure collection with these allnew Marvel Universe Action Figures! Each figure stands 3 3/4 tall and comes with accessories to save the day or conquer the world!


Marvel Universe Figures - Marvel Universe Bullseye Action Figure (dark Variant)

Highly detailed and articulated 3-3/4 inch scale action figures based on the heroes and villians of the Marvel Comics universe. The Marvel Universe series of figures debuted in 2009.


Marvel Universe Figures - Puck Marvel Universe Series 21 Action Figure

Marvel Universe Series 4 Action Figure #020 Puck 3.75 Inch


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Spider-man Marvel Universe Action Figure

Launch your favorite web-slinging hero into your crime-fighting adventures with this incredible SPIDER-MAN figure! He's detailed to look just like the amazing web-slinger and he's ready to take on whatever you throw at him!A very special spider bit Peter Parker. The result? SPIDER-MAN, one of the world's most successful crime fighters. This Super Hero has the ability to climb walls, swing from skyscrapers, sense impending danger and snare the craftiest criminal, all before sitting down to a homemade dinner with his Aunt May.


Marvel Universe Figures - Hasbro Year 2010 Marvel Universe Series 2 Hammer Exclusive 2 Pack Action Figure Set - Goliath (12 Inch Tall) Vs Thor (5 Inch Tall) Plus Bonus Comic Civil War #4

As an abandoned chemical plant burns around them, the first true battle of the Super Hero Civil War rages. This is more than a chance to stop the anti-Registration forces, however; it is a test run for the secret weapon developed by Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Reed Richards. A cybernetic clone of mighty Thor thunders into the midst of the battle, his lightning striking down at his foes. As the powerful being smashes into the melee with his hammer, Goliath moves through the surging battle, hoping to stop the carnage before it goes too far.


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Marvel Infinite Series Colossus Jugolossus Action Figure

The Marvel Universe features heroes, villains, and stories that are larger than life. Marvel has created some of the world's most iconic characters through stories where incredible Super Heroes battle powerful foes with the fate of the universe in the balance. Create your own epic Marvel adventures with figures, vehicles, and role-play toys featuring the world's greatest collection of Super Heroes. There's a Marvel toy for every kid, collector, or aspiring hero. Assemble your Avengers with Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Wear a mask like Spider-Man. Build the ultimate collection of Marvel Legends. There's an entire universe of heroes waiting to be explored. Marvel characters and stories have become a timeless part of pop  ...


Marvel Universe Figures - San Diego Comic Con Sdcc 2012 X-men Collector 6 Figure Set Marvel Universe X-factor

A powerful group of X-MEN goes undercover to form a new team. Posing as humans, they will hunt down mutants, not to do them harm, but to secretly ensure their survival. These courageous heroes are known as: X-Factor! With CYCLOPS as their fearless X-Factor leader, JEAN GREY as their telekinetic mind reader, ANGEL as the vigilant winged warrior and ICEMAN as the ice-wielding controller of cold, the X-Factor team seems to be ready for almost anything. But are they ready to take on the immortal APOCALYPSE and the devious MR. SINISTER villains? Only you can tell!


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Marvel Infinite Series Deadpool

The merc with a mouth, Deadpool cuts to the chase with his sharp wit and deadly blades. This comic-inspired figure is highly articulated so you can put him in dynamic poses and imagine him charging into the battle with other classic Super Heroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe! (Each sold separately). Copyright MARVEL. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.


Marvel Universe Figures - Marvel Universe Nightcrawler Figure 3.75 Inches

As the X-Men prepare to return to their world, Nightcrawler has unfinished business. The teleporting mutant leaves his home dimension behind so he can track down the fugitives who have escaped the Age of Apocalypse. They might think they're in the clear, but Nightcrawler is coming! Your superhero adventures will be off the hook with this awesome Nightcrawler figure! He looks just like the teleporting mutant, and he'll try one evil plot after another against the defenders of justice. Send him into battle against his foes! Will justice prevail, or will he? It's all up to you! Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V.  ...


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Captain America & Falcon - #171 Comic Book Action Figure 2-pack

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Action Figure 2-Pack Captain America & Falcon


Marvel Universe Action Figures - Silver Surfer & Doctor Strange - #8 Comic Book Action Figure 2-pack

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Action Figure 2Pack Silver Centurion Vs. Mandarin


Deadpool Action Figures - Marvel Universe Super Hero Team Packs X Force

Hasbro Marvel Universe Super Hero Team Packs X-ForceWith mutants endangered and hunted across the globe, Cyclops made the decision to create X-Force, a mutant black ops team under the command of Wolverine. This silent squad of dangerous mutants performs the missions too dark or dirty for the X-Men. When a threat looms over the mutant race, X-Force takes care of it, quickly and silently. With this pack of hero figures, you'll have more than enough mighty powers to imagine every kind of black ops mission. Pit them against individual enemies or a force of equal size. Only you can decide how the missions will come out. This pack includes Deadpool, Wolverine and Warpath.Product Dimensions (inches): 2 (L) x 10 (W)  ...


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