Mizuno Golf Clubs - Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tool With 6 Cutters - For Optimal Backspin And Ball Control With Wedges And Utility Clubs - From Specialty Golf Products - Gold


Note: Official USER OPERATING MANUAL provided upon order shipment - ONLY if sold by "5 Star Brands" "Ball has never spun better." "This groove tool takes it to a whole new level." "The product is far superior to anything that I have seen on the market" Golfers! Concerned about Getting the Backspin and Ball Control that you Deserve? It's all about Playing with Well Grooved Irons! The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin. Frequent club use can not only fill the grooves with debris but can also damage the groove edge. /p>What More Customers Say: "I have never seen a tool like this before. I tried it on my irons and - Wow - did it do the job right !!! This is one tool I will keep in my bag at all times." "I have really enjoyed this product it has saved me hundreds of dollars. I was in the market for new clubs because mine were a few years old and a little worn, so I decided to go with your product and the face of my clubs look pristine again. I used my 56 degree wedge today and the spin I was getting was excellent. Great product!" "This groove sharpener is solid! Could not believe all the dirt that was stuck in my wedge down in the groove! Once I was done grooving and cleansing my wedge, the spin levels were right on! Great tool for getting the job done and it has different heads as needed! Saved me from buying new clubs! Awesome!" "I used the sharpener on my irons and played today. The amount of control I had after using the sharpener was unbelievable." "Very useful tool to bring the grooves back to life. Noticed the difference right away. Easy to use and inexpensive but very sturdy" You'll absolutely love this new groove sharpening tool. Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON above and PURCHASE TODAY.

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