Putter For Sale - Golf Putting Techniques From Golfing Greats And Sport Psychologists: Proven Putting Techniques From Tiger, Rory, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, And Sports Psychologists, Dr. Bob Rotella, And Many More.

Putting Tips, Quotes and from Tiger Woods, Rory McIroy, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, and Sports Psychologists, Dr. Bob Rotella, Dr. Joseph Parent, Dr. Gio Valiante and many more.Exercises and Drills are given so you can incorporate their thoughts and advice into your golf game and improve your consistency.Reviews:"I am a better putter after I read this book. Tips and quotes from top PGA Tour pros and well-known Golf Psychologists give excellent helping tips on putting. There are thousands of other guys trying to give advice. It's best to get the advice from the best. This book works.-D. Roberts, Lake Forest, IL“Putting tips from those who have “Walked the Walk” and not tips from those who just “Talk the Talk”. New stuff and good to know what works. -J Peters, San Francisco.“Straightforward. Got this as a gift. Golf is a mental game and after reading this book, I listen to my inner voice when on the green. That inner voice is my friend and my own ultra-personal caddy that nobody else hears. Excellently done.”-C. Miles, Boca Raton, FLBecome a more consistent putter. Look Inside and learn proven techniques from the best Golfers and Sport Psychologists in the world.

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