Tiger Woods Irons - Pocket Bunker: 3-pack Of The Golf Swing Training Tool To Practice Hitting Out Of Sand To Get You Putting On The Green Faster. Perfect Your Short Game By Training Like The Pros!


We partnered with a South African inventor who created quite an amazing yet simple product - a golf ball that feels like you're hitting out of sand. If you golf, landing in a bunker is never your favorite part of the day. It's always a tricky shot, and the fact that we rarely get to practice these shots doesn't exactly help matters. We're happy to say that those days are over. The Pocket Bunker allows golfers of any level to practice sand shots on any surface, anywhere, anytime. Whether it's in your backyard on a lazy Sunday or next to the practice green before a round of 18, now you can hone your bunker game on your terms. Developed for over five years and tirelessly tested by professional golfers, the Pocket Bunker is finally ready to help the golf masses get in and out of the sand just like the pros! Add to your cart right now to begin improving your game or make it the perfect gift for a golfer you know!

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