Used Putters For Sale - New Golf Grip Tape 2" X 9" Double Sided Strips 15 Qty.


Professionally Re-grip your Golf Clubs from the Comfort of Your Own Home Wedge Guys golf grip tape strips are easy to use double sided ultra-adhesive strips that won't curl or bunch up during installation when installed correctly. These high quality strips are an essential part of installing new grips on your golf clubs. GOLF GRIP TAPE FEATURES: • Easy to Peel Strips • Super Sticky Double Sided Adhesive • Made in the USA • More Convenient & Easier than Grip Tape Rolls • Guaranteed to stick to your Golf Club • Must Use Solvent for Proper Installation. • Save Money by Regripping Golf Clubs at Home / On the Go. • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee - Love it or return it for a full refund within 30 days. Easy Grip Strip Installation Instructions: Step 1: Secure club in a vise using a rubber vise clamp. Step 2: Remove old grip and any remaining tape. Step 3: Apply 9 inches of double sided grip tape extending 1/4" over butt end and twist/fold the 1/4" of tape into the butt end. Step 4: Apply a generous amount of solvent inside the grip and over the length of the tape. Shake the solvent inside the grip and pour over the tape. Step 5: Quickly Install the grip by pushing it over the butt end of the shaft while the tape is still wet. Step 6: Allow grips to dry a couple hours before using. **Wedge Guys LLC cannot speak to the quality and materials being used by other companies selling under our listing so be sure the Golf Club Grip Tape you are purchasing is sold by Wedge Guys** Purchase your Wedge Guys Professional Golf Grip Tape today for an easier, more cost effective way to re-grip your golf clubs!

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